Gender Talks for Men: Roles, Rules, & Relief in 2019


August 22nd
6:30pm – 7:45pm

Discussion Topic: The Gender Zeitgeist

Sympónia Men introduces Gender Talks for Men to help men in the company of men navigate the shifting gender roles and rules in society, in the workplace, and in personal relationships.  This will be a weekly 75-minute discussion designed to explore common questions, share perspectives, and gain insights around the gender conversation in 2019. This is a judgment free zone where all questions are welcomed and the participants and facilitator engage together to explore deeper into themselves and the topics introduced.  Topics discussion change weekly based on the feedback, needs, and questions that come up in prior sessions from participants.

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The Purpose Studio for Men: Deep Discussion

August 15th
6pm – 8pm

In our inaugural men’s experience, we are offering a 2-hour online Deep Discussion on Purpose for Men to explore this idea of meaning and purpose.  In a time of unprecedented change, we’ll come together as a community of men to explore how we are in relationship with ourselves and our sense of purpose in the world.  We’ll take a deeper look at how we are finding meaning and exploring how we might find a deeper sense of purpose (who we are, what we stand for, and how we’re being called to contribute into the world).

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